Look At Me! I Have Emotions!

So people keep telling me that posting your emotions on social media is a major internet faux pas, but I really don’t know how it could be when I see it more and more everyday.  Last night I logged on to Facebook and BOOM! This girl just called out her baby daddy with one status and 6 photos of their text messages. It was insane, but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the whole thing. Of course I had to click on it because the images were too small and I wanted to know the dirty, dirty details. Yes, I know, not so mature, but I was diggin’ how bold she was to stand up for something she believed in.

And so with that, I will admit that when someone makes me mad, sad, happy, or excited I want to immediately jump on Instagram, FB and Twitter and proclaim to the world, “I have emotions! Look at all my emotions!”  Like seriously.. that’s all I want to do.    And I want to know, why is that so wrong??  What if someone is going through the same bs I am and can offer me some solid advice? If I didn’t post about it then I wouldn’t have built that connection. So again.. I ask.. What’s the big deal?


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